Sense of Entitlement and Extra Feminist Assistance, Hagar Studies in Culture, Policy and Identities Vol. 11 (2). 60-82

Oppenhaim-Shachar, S. (2014).

There are a multitude of intervention programs and procedures in the field of occupational guidance for youth. However, closer examination reveals that some of these programs miss their mark and, unintentionally, actually reinforce devaluation among this population, particularly among girls. This missed opportunity stems primarily from the lack of an appropriate conceptualisation of the needs of teenage girls within the design, development and implementation of these employment programs. The purpose of this study was to conceptualise 'extra feminist assistance' as is needed for girls from stigmatised communities, which would allow them to advance themselves in the path of achieving financial independence. This article clarifies the characteristics of 'extra feminist assistance' through the presentation of three negotiation reactions by girls who participated in the Reshatot workshop. The workshop is intended to strengthen the development of employment aspirations. The findings presented here indicate that the 'extra feminist assistance' is generated when the intervention processes contain the following dimensions: sense of self-worth; knowledge and relationships that allow the girls to both subvert and oppose the stigma and labels placed on them; the understanding that their needs are separate; and strengthening their sense of entitlement.

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