“…How am I going to pass this ‘audition’?” Under what conditions can second-generation Israeli Ethiopian immigrant adolescent girls, respond to a dialogue inviting them to promote their occupational aspirations? Gender & Education. 31 (8), 1077-1092

Oppenhaim-Shachar, S., (2017).

The responsiveness of at-risk adolescent Ethiopian girls to the contents of a workshop promoting their occupational aspirations was found to be related to their belief in their ability to negotiate the unwelcome ethno-racial gaze of Israeli society. This belief is closely tied to the way they perceive and experience their ethno-racial blackness – as a burden or as a resource. Based on the field research, the article discusses the two responses to the workshop and suggests a framework informed by FemCRT as a possible approach to overcoming the shortcomings of the workshop described.

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